Admission Requirements

This Master’s degree is designed for:

  • People holding a university degree with extensive knowledge of Spanish and Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian or Russian.
  • People holding a university degree who have served or are currently serving as liaisons for foreign people, eliminating barriers in a variety of settings (schools, hospitals, police stations, state’s offices).
  • People holding a university degree who have experience as linguistic and cultural mediators at either an oral or a written level, but who have not been previously trained.
  • People holding a university degree who have experience as translators or interpreters and who want to specialize in this type of inter-linguistic mediation.

General requirements for admission:

For students with diplomas awarded from a Spanish university or a university within the European Higher Education Area:

  • An official Spanish bachelor’s degree
  • A bachelor’s degree issued by a university belonging to the European Higher Education Area, which gives access to Master courses in the country that issued it.
  • Students who do not meet these requirements but are finishing their undergraduate studies will have to prove that they are eligible to be enrolled in the MA program prior to the date that the acceptance list is published.

For students with diplomas awarded outside the European Higher Education Area:

  • A bachelor’s degree equivalent to an official Spanish degree, which gives access to postgraduate courses in the country from which it was issued
  • A recognized or legalized university degree
  • In either case, students must pay attention to the specific requirements of the MA.

Documents to present:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Documents certifying proficiency in the languages of study. If necessary, a language assessment may be required.
  • Current photocopy of the DNI (Spanish students), NIE number (foreign students), or passport
  • Certified photocopy of undergraduate degree that gives access to a MA programme
  • Transcript of the student’s academic record (subjects studied, exams passed, grades obtained). Foreign students must also specify the number of hours studied. Every document must be properly certified.

These are general guidelines. We recommend that you visit the Escuela de Postgrado’s webpage for further information.