Quality Committee

The Quality Guarantee Commission is comprised by the Director of the centre or the delegating individual of undergraduate and postgraduate professors, undergraduate and post graduate students, and the PAS representative. A technical consultant from the Evaluation and Accreditation Area of the Institute of Education Science (ICE[1]) also participates in the Commission’s project.

Members of the Quality Guarantee Commission:

  • Dr. Carmen Pena Díaz
  • Dr. Carmen Valero-Garcés
  • Dr. Bianca Vitalaru


  • Provide continuous and systematic improvement of the MA program.
  • Assure the development of the Internal Guarantee System for the quality of the postgraduate program.
  • Provide a support service to the coordinating members of the postgraduate program in improvement decision making.
  • Strengthen the participation of those involved in the evaluation and improvement of the quality of the postgraduate program and of which may be of interest for the university community and society.

Consult the detailed functions of this committee in the SEG Quality Assessment Guide

[1] Instituto de Ciencias de la Educación