Specific Admission Criteria

Specific Selection Criteria applied to all language pairs/specialities:

  • Prior specific training (Philology, Translation/Interpreting, Law, Medicine, or other related sciences).
  • Bilingual students (certified C1-C2). If considered necessary, a language assessment  may be required.
  • Mediation, Translation, or Interpretation experience.
  • Academic records.
  • Time spent in countries related with the chosen language pairs.
  • Complementary training.
  • Experience in other areas related to the MA’s fields of study.

Specific criteria for the Chinese – Spanish language pair/speciality:

  • Preference toward students with degrees in Translation and Interpreting or Philology Studies.
  • Bilingual students (certified C1-C2). If considered necessary, a language assessment may be required.
  • Be in possession of a degree when submitting the application
  • At least one year of residence in a Spanish-speaking country after completing a specific BA will be valued
  • At least one year of work experience related to translation or interpretation.