Suggestions and complaints


There are two methods to report incidents, complaints, or suggestions about the MA in Intercultural Communication, Public Service Interpreting and Translation.

  • The first is appearing in person or sending an e-mail to the programme’s secretary (Colegio de los Trinitarios, C/Trinidad, 1, Universidad de Alcalá o where a form will be provided (also available in the Escuela de Postgrado’s main web page) to complete, making the motive for the incident, complaint, or suggestion known.
  • The second is to follow the proceedings established by the Escuela de Postgrado through the Official book of Complaints and Suggestions that keeps record of all complaints, initiatives, or suggestions that individuals find necessary to report regarding the administrative bodies of the University of Alcalá. The procedure can be completed in person, printing and presenting the completed form in any of the Registrar offices for the University of Alcalá or by e-mail, sending the completed form to the e-mail address:

In both cases, the person submitting the form should identify themselves and indicate an e-mail address. Anonymous complaints or suggestions will not be accepted.

  • Furthermore, the University of Alcalá utilizes the services of the University Defender whose job is to manage allegations or complaints filed by any member of the university community.
  • The students, likewise, are supported by the delegation of students in their centre, where they can make their complaints and suggestions known. Furthermore, the centre has a system to collect analyze, and manage the complaints filed by students, professors, or administrative/service personnel.


After having received the complaint or suggestion in the chosen method, the filer will be informed within 20 days of the course of action taken.

Each complaint or suggestion will initiate the opening of an informative report. If the presented complaint provides evidence of abnormal functioning, it will initiate the pertinent procedures in each case. Formulated complaints will not, under any circumstance, be evaluated by administrative resources.

The Teaching Commission and the Centre Board will be responsible for analyzing and utilizing the results about the satisfaction of the implicated group and, where necessary, define actions for improvement. The Quality Commission will monitor and complete an annual report that reflects the analysis of the results obtained that year.

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