Annually, the teaching faculty is comprised of 53 members, 32 of which are PhD’s and the rest with a wide range of degrees related to the field of study (Philology, Modern Languages, Translation and Interpretation, Law, Medicine, and others). All are professionals with solid and accredited experience that received specialized training in fields related with translation and interpretation and/or other cultural aspects of two or various societies.

Given the characteristics of the studies and taking into account the professional character of the Master’s program, many of the professors are professionals in the interpretation and translation field and not academics in the strictest sense; however, they are perfectly qualified to teach in the program. They are the perfect connection between the theory and the practical aspects that will be seen in the classroom and workforce. These aspects give an innovative character to the program with an active methodology that is not usually found in other programs in this field. We believe that this is, in part, the reason for the program’s success.